Infamous 2 Cole

Cole From infamous 2

Choose A B C or D

  1. Someone punches you what do you do?
  • A. punch them back
  • B. tell them off

    Zeke from Infamous 2

    2030267-474px kuo fullbody large

    Kuo with Powers



  • C.plot your revenge
  • D.who cares?

2. You see a homeless man sick and drunk on the street what do u do?

  • A. help him
  • B. Give him money and medication
  • C. keep walking
  • D. ask him if you can have some booze then help him

3.Your boy/girlfriend dumps you what now?

  • A. get over it I have bigger fish to fry
  • B. carry on who cares
  • C.Get them back
  • D. this happens all the time i'll find someone else

4.Weapon off choice?

  • A.Blunt(swords,hammers)
  • B. Gun
  • C.Any thing that Blows up
  • loyal pistol

5.Favorite season?

  • A.Fall
  • B.Winter
  • C.Spring
  • D.Summer

If you chose mostley A: your Cole!

if you chose mostley B: Your Kuo!

If you chose mostly C: your Nix!

If you chose mostly D: your Zeke!


A and B:Cole with Kuo Powers

A and C:Cole with Nix powers