Who is Kuo?Edit

Lucy Kuo is a main pier of Cole Macgrath. She was a NSA agent untill Joseph Bertrand preformed an expirment on her which gave her the powers of Ice and the ability to fly.


  1. Kuo
  2. Agent Kuo
  3. Lucy Kuo

How did she get her powers?Edit

After a car accident that killed Dr.Sebastan Wolfe, Joseph Bertrand's Militia kidnapped her and bled her dry and filled with some sort of liquid that most likley gave her powers or he put her into the Transfer Device.

Main piersEdit

  1. Cole Macgrath
  2. Zeke Jedediah Dunbar
  3. Nix

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Kuo before Powers

2030267-474px kuo fullbody large

Kuo with Powers