Choose A or B

1. you see a bank being robbed what do you do?

  • A.stop them
  • B.rob the robbers

2. you see an injured woman passed out on train tracks and a train is coming what do you?

  • A.rescue her
  • B.keep walking

3.Someone is spreading vicous rumors about you what now?

  • A.keep on going everyone will realise their wrong
  • B.get revenge

4. Someone calls you a "phony punk" you...

  • A.who cares it's their opinion not mine
  • B.punch them in the face! that jerk! overhear people gossiping about your best friend saying that he/she hates you. you...

  • A.keep walking I know it's not true 
  • B.get revenge on my friend and them

If you chose mostly A:your good

if you chose mostly B: your Eviiiiil