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Cole From infamous 2

Who is Cole Macgrath?Edit

Cole Macgrath is the main protaginist of Infamous 1 and 2 . He is also the Electric Man or the Demon of Empire City.He was origanaly a bike messanger.


  1. Cole Macgrath
  2. Kessler
  3. The Demon of Empire city
  4. The Electric Man
  5. The Patron Saint of New Marais (infamous 2 good ending)
  6. The Beast (Infamous 2 bad ending)

How did he get his powers?Edit

well as you know Cole was a bike messenger untill one day while he was delivering a package (the ray sphere) it exploded ultimitley resulting in him gaining his powers.

Main PiersEdit

1stingame--article image

Cole Macgrath Infamous 1

  1. Zeke Jedediah Dunbar
  2. Trish Daily (dead)
  3. Lucy Kuo
  4. Nix